We offer a variety of exciting options to introduce your students to wildlife and wild places!


The programs we offer have been developed to directly correlate with our educational mission: to offer visitors the opportunity to observe, understand and ultimately appreciate grizzly bears, gray wolves and associated wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our goal is to foster both knowledge and respect for the interconnecting wildlife and habitats that create this unique ecosystem. The GWDC offers many onsite educational programs that are included with your admission price. The program schedule and times are printed out daily and inserted in the Today's Discoveries that you will receive when you go through admissions. Your school or group will find the programs to be interactive, fun and educational. Take part in any or all of the programs for a memorable visit!

If you are interested in any of our Educator Resources please call the GWDC’s Education Department at (406) 646-7001 x125 or email us at

Program Descriptions



Trunks That Help Connect & Teach

We offer a unique way to develop connections between your students and bears, wolves or raptors - TEACHERS TRUNKS. The trunks can be an invaluable tool for educators in public and private schools, or non-traditional settings. All of the trunks can be shipped directly to your site. These resources are designed to engage a variety of age groups and offer the opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. Any of the trunks can be made available for a nominal donation, primarily to cover the costs of shipping.




Enhance your curriculum and inspire your students! This trunk contains compelling artifacts, DVDs, books, activity suggestions and lesson plans on bears.






A content rich teaching trunk full of a variety of artifacts including a Bird of Prey Skull kit, model bird eggs, talons, resource and study guides and curriculum.






This diverse trunk includes resources such as skulls, pelts, DVDs, books, activity ideas and lesson plans. The focus can be on bears, wolves or a combination of the two. 



Teachers Packet
Contains background information, activity ideas and resource information in a CD format with graphs, charts, stories and lesson plans related to bears, wolves and Yellowstone National Park.




Start using this powerful interactive educational tool when you visit the GWDC then create an account and continue learning by connecting remotely. Take advantage of this unique shared tool where your students will be able to explore aspects of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in-depth. 



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